PT Kharisma Astra Nusantara (Dry, Isotank, Container Depot, Maintenance & Repair, Trucking, Warehouse) - Opr. Hour: Mon-Fri : 08.00 - 03.00, Sat : 08.00 - 15.00, Sun : 08.00 - 12.00 - "We are the solution centre"

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  • Isotank Depot of PT. Kharisma Astra Nusantara (KAN) is a business Diversification of Existing Business of PT. Kharisma Astra Nusantara which is already known for Dry Container Depo and Trucking Business as availbale core business over years.
  • Container Dry Depot, PT. Kharisma Astra Nusantara (KAN).
  • Warehouse / Logistic and Trucking, PT Kharisma Adhi Nusantara